Monday, 1 February 2016

Before and After


“Ach! The place is a hole, kowp the lot of them!”

We hear  this a lot, so, without further eye-rolling ado, here’s some pictures of ‘before & after’ of various run down areas from around the globe, just to show you what CAN be done.

( Here’s some music while you peruse: )


(Also, check this, our willingness to knock down our architectural heritage is raising eyebrows globally, go us! )

Stanley Dock, Liverpool: Before

  After, now a hotel

New  York City



Sefton Park, Liverpool


Strand Cinema, Belfast


Pakenham St, Belfast


Round Foundry, Leeds


York River warehouse, UK.

And now for something slightly different:


As usual, here’s the helpful footer regarding the northside development: email the planning department with your thoughts:
Regeneration doesn't mean demolition.


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