Monday, 18 January 2016

One For Yerself II


Which Belfast pubs and bar staff made Twitter say #oneforyerself? 

Earlier this month we asked Twitter - using #oneforyerself - to help us celebrate the best of Belfast pubs and the best of Belfast bar staff.

Our great old bars and proper bar staff are part of the backbone of what makes Belfast our home, the city we show off with pride to visitors by way of a pint in the Sunflower, a whiskey in the Duke of York or a cask ale in the Crown.

Before we take a look, then, at the bars and bar staff you saluted and thanked using #oneforyerself, a reminder that @belfast_revival exists to help protect great bars like the Sunflower from the wrecking ball of careless development schemes.

With the loss of the Kitchen Bar and the Rotterdam, it is right that those proud of our city are keeping a watchful eye on our remaining heritage.

The Rotterdam

Thank-you, then, to those who joined the conversation about Belfast's best bars and bar staff.


The Kitchen

We had early nods for Muriel's and The John Hewitt, special mention for Michael Cosgrove in The Crown and more than one nomination for The Sunflower.

We heard about quality, knowledgeable service in the Aether & Echo, Kremlin, Fitzwilliam Hotel and Bittles.

We set no rules for the discussion and didn't plan to name any overall 'winners', however a clear leader developed in Michael Cosgrove at The Crown, the Sunflower Bar and Muriel's.


The Errigle Inn, Albany Belfast and due credit to JD Wetherspoon for choice of drinks were praised along the way.

Our city is not one of generic bars and generic service, as the appreciation for the pubs and bar staff we call our own clearly demonstrates. And that's not to mention the local food and drink suppliers - I often make a point of congratulating Ruby Blue vodka, Dunville's whiskey and Jawbaw gin for their great work - giving visitors even more of a taste of our great Northern Ireland.
NOT Belfast: No frills pubs

From us: a very sincere and appreciative 'cheers'.

And a final thought. What would Belfast look and feel like without these unique, quality and tourist-attracting bars?

What would be left if we allow the mark of flats and generic retail to spread further?

Not a pleasant thought. 

Which is why, before we lose another local gem, you'll find us continuing to say 'enough is enough' and celebrating - with pride - the places and people which add up to our wee home.

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