Thursday, 7 January 2016

Update - Stephen Street

Just a quick FYI - the wee Victorian red-brick warehouses on Stephen Street were demolished today.

Yes, the type of building that would have developers in other parts of the world shanking each other with butchers' knives so that they could convert them  into expensive flats has been given the type of respect that we're sadly coming to expect from developers in Belfast.

Stephen Street - Gone

(Above) - What could have been?

Just a heads-up people, it's not very difficult to get permission to demolish a building in Belfast if it's not protected.

This area is not protected and maybe now is a good time to pressure the council into changing this?
As usual, here's a guide for what to do regarding the proposals for the area:

1/ Email the planning department quoting the ref. number LA04/2015/0577/O , explain your objections and request a reply.

2/ Sign onto the planning portal, log in and place an objection. It takes a few minutes, but goes straight to the source.

Simply register and then add a comment (tick the ‘object’ button too).

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